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Full Version: Imsai's Admin Aplication
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*Name in game: Imsai Oswaldo.
*Age: Fourteen.
*Usual playtime: Usually around five thirty PM to eleven. Three until twelve PM on Saturday and Sunday usually.
*Why do you want admin?
To help others if they need to be helped and to prevent people causing grief to others.
*Will you be active on the forums?
As long as myself or others have things to talk about.
*Why do you think you will be a good admin?
I am usually online at the times I have stated, I don't abuse power, I know a lot of people here, and I think they would agree with my application.

Also, I tried to make something nice on the server but it was removed because of "lag". So I couldn't get a picture. D:
Accepted. We need all the admins we can get right now.

Don't fuck it up.

Good luck! Big Grin
Thank you very much!!!