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Full Version: Spooky, Sexy, and Sly(ASF) Halloween story(ies)(?)
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Alright so this is the very interesting tales that had happened only 1-2 days ago on Halloween day/night. This'll begin at school where I'm in AP History and my group is about to present.

So I was called up by the name 'Syrup Man' because I had brought log cabin syrup with me that day. The reason behind that was because I couldnt bring a weapon to school, so no lumberjack axe. Anyway, I go up and end up getting challeneged to drink the syrup. Now usually im not that stupid (lol jk) but i ended up going for it.


Luckily I didn't and we continued our presentation, after that class I went to lunch, where my friend started to pester me that HE wanted to try and drink it. I told him 'no' multiple times till' I finally said i would buy him a whole bottle after school.


I went over to Bashas' (Arizona based grocery store) and bought the syrup, after that me, him, and about 4 others went over to the park and fucked around there for a little bit. While there we end up being told that we're going to be having 80 DAMN CHICKEN WINGS! 40 mild, 20 hot, 20 lemon lime. After that we went back to my other friends place (the one who didn't want to drink syrup) and ate our wings (Note: It was only me and 2 other guys, and the other 2 have) so we ate a whole bunch of wings and then two more girls came by and stayed with us to eat and such.


So after all the eating and such, we all got on the couch and got comfy to watch Zombieland (awesome movie), and I ended up between the couples. This'll come up later since the best part of all this was revealed to me later on, since i ended up staying with my sane friend and insane friend.


So the movie finishes and we're all starting to clean up. Both of my friends end up running up stairs to do something or another, and the insane one ends up getting stung by a baby scorpion. Luckily he wasn't allergic to the sting. Put some ice and such on it. After that, all the other girls left besides the insane one's girlfriend. She stays about 15 minutes extra to make sure he's all okay and what not. During this time me and my sane friend were discussing me potentially staying over, (which ended up happening).


This right here is some sly shit that I'm still shocked about. So while inside, my insane friend says "dammit" for now reason, and looks down at his shirt, I follow down only to see white stains on it...

I stared at him and he said "I didn't do that" with a giant ass grin on his face.

So we sat down and he told the entire story of how that ended up transpiring (FYI there was no sex, everyone had their clothes on). What he told us was that her sitting down got a bit hot and bothering for him. She asked "what is that" and then he said _____ (You can fill the blank).

One thing led to another and she ended up jerking him off...under a his friends house...WITH ME SITTING RIGHT THERE NOT EVEN KNOWING WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS EVEN HAPPENING!!? Slyer shit will probably happen in my lifetime, but so far this shit just took the prize of being Sly. Overall only me and my sane friend were told about this since, well, we were right there lol.

So yes, there is pretty much my entire Halloween day/night, not even any candy had. But I think this story was better than candy, so it was pretty worth.
considering i went around spraypainting, vandalizing, and lighting shit on fire at 1 am with my friend on halloween, its not that eventful
(11-28-2014, 10:29 PM)Avery Wrote: [ -> ]considering i went around spraypainting, vandalizing, and lighting shit on fire at 1 am with my friend on halloween, its not that eventful

Well to compared to what I usually expierence, this was definitely more entertaining than a lot of things
I knew some jackass kid growing up. I was at a party with my friends and the kid shows up with his girlfriend. We all end up drinking and then all pass out. Next day I found out one of my friends had sex with the kids girlfriend with the kid sleeping right next to them. To this day, I don't think that kid ever found out.

Good times.