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Full Version: MjSpeCter Applying for sponsorship
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Game: Spiral knights
Guild: Spiral Marines

Group Steam Page: We do not have one yet but are planning on one soon. The guild started roughly a week ago and there is a ton of activity.

The forum space will be used for general discussion, polls for events, Bazaar (selling/buying SK items), recruitment, guild updates and officers chat. Basically, a majority of it will be for community events and notifications.

Interesting... I like the idea. Games like Spiral Knights do draw in a crowd, usually. Let's get some more opinions first, though.
opinions you say?
It has my approval. it will likely draw a crowd being a good/free game and will bring that crowd to sithous
I dunno can i join MJ?
Anybody can join. And everybody is absolutely correct, I find in Sk that a lot of players like to interact with each other because there is a lot of stuff to talk about in-game and for reasons such as doing missions together or PvP (mini-games).
Then you should send me an invite cough cough
welp better be fun
now im off to make another useless milestone thread
I see this as an opportunity to rake in members, and taking in members mean more donations, which means better stuff for servers, which means happier crowd, which means MORE MEMBERS!
why is Nigel thornberry bell. . .
because its SMASHING~
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