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  Pixel Art Contest, Terraria
Posted by: Northir - 02-28-2012, 03:04 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (13)

Judging will Begin TUESDAY if we do not get more entrys
1st Place: Killing Floor Game (20$ Value)
2nd Place: Gmod Standalone Game (10$ Value)
3rd Place: VIP Across all servers (Requires Ok from sky and more than 10 entrants)

Were Doing another Pixel Art Contest, All entrys will be a maximum of 75X75 Blocks and can be anything you wish within the server rules if you dont know the server rules they are posted on the signs at spawn.

Judging will be done by everyone, From 2 Views, the view from the admin api, which is a map view, and the way it looks ingame, judging will begin when Sky returns from his vacation

The Warp for the art zone will be "contest" Bring your grapple hook and wings Wink

To enter Post your exact terraria name here and i will make a region in the pixel art zone for you Example :
" Id Like to enter Terraria Name: Northir "

Any question or comments posted here will be removed, this page is for entrants only, Thank you

Any Questions or comments should be posted here -> Q&A <-

  Weekly Mailing List
Posted by: Xaol - 02-27-2012, 08:30 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (8)

Hey Guys!
I am very happy to inform you that Skylar has implemented my idea of a weekly Sithous Newsletter!
Want to sign up? Sign up page can be found here: http://www.sithous.com/mail/mail.cgi
Anyways, as I will be writing this (I am thinking every Saturday), I hope you all enjoy. It will take me some adjusting to, but I believe you all will like it! Tell me what you think below, and don't forget to sign up! I am personally very excited for this, I hope you all are, too.

-Community News
-Individual Server News
-Special Announcements
-Funny things (?)
-Trivia (?)

It'll be worth it guys. Trust meh.

Information New Garry's Mod server!
Posted by: Skylord123 - 02-14-2012, 05:54 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (7)

We have been spending the last few days on getting a Garry's Mod server online. Thanks to Northir for installing the Garry's Mod addons and getting most of the stuff setup as well as debugging a lot of the problems that came up.

IP: server.sithous.com:27015

We felt like we could replace the TF2 server because it wasn't getting enough traffic. The Garry's Mod server is sandbox style like Terraria so I feel it fits in better with our current theme of servers.

I will be making a section just for the Garry's Mod server here soon, until then you can converse in this thread about it and all that fun stuff.

P.S. there is probably a lot more information that can be added here, but it's early.. Going to bed.

  Forum Moderator Project
Posted by: Amp - 02-13-2012, 03:06 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (1)

Herru~! This is Amp. Most of you know me by now. Anywho. You may have noticed that a couple of our sections have moderators now. What does this mean?

Well, put simply, a certain user moderates a certain section he/she is assigned to, and that's it. They can do quite a few things, but I have personally limited their permissions to these simple things.

Mods can:

Open/Close and Stick/Unstick threads
View IPs
Edit threads.

This is to ensure that too much power isn't placed in a Mod's hands. After all, can't trust everyone.

That being said, if you have some suggestions or questions regarding the matter, feel free to PM or e-mail me. Thank you~


2/13/12: Added Moderators to specific sections. Also, took away Mod's ability to use the Mod CP, preventing them from banning users. They can still moderate the section they're assigned to.

  Happy birthday Memeej!
Posted by: - 02-09-2012, 01:06 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (7)

I would like to personally say happy birthday Memeej.

Hope you get lots and lots of money! Big Grin

Wink Another game server?
Posted by: Skylord123 - 01-28-2012, 07:18 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (9)

We have enough memory to host another game server or two. I am interested in what server we should start up. I want to know what games you guys play and if you would play on the server. A few I am looking into are:

  1. TeamFortress 2 (Free to play)
  2. Counter-Strike: Source (Most likely a gun game server if we chose this one)
  3. Day of Defeat: Source
  4. Another Terraria server

There are more I just can't think of them right now. If you have any ideas for a game we should host for (and will receive good traffic) then go ahead and post about it.

Information Terraria server updating [v1.1.2]
Posted by: Skylord123 - 01-20-2012, 07:53 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (5)

Since Terraria has recently updated our server is out of date. TShock hasn't released any stable builds yet but they do have a beta out for the new version but since TShock doesn't work well with mono even on the stable builds I'm sure we will have problems running the beta build. All plugins will have to be removed until they get updated as well. I will look into updating the server further and post back here on my decision to do it or not.

But besides that I will hopefully get a lot more done on the site. Still have to add an accounts settings page, forgot password, and do a lot of work on the back end for the admins.

Anyways, hope you guys have a great weekend. Mine is going to be rather busy. Unless I get caught up talking to my girlfriend. Big Grin

EDIT: I did get busy talking to my girlfriend but finally got the server updated. We are now running 1.1.2! It is buggy and a little laggy but things are going well. Had to remove map, housing, and sign protection. We still have the jail/afk and chest protection plugin.


  Minecraft Server Moving
Posted by: - 01-18-2012, 12:25 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (3)

I'm moving Minecraft to a new system because the old one sucks.

New specs:
6GB DDR3 Ram
i7 Core

New bandwidth limits:

Want more than 250gb? Pay me $299 a month and I'll upgrade the connection to unlimited.

Also, keep in mind I'm hosting this myself from home. I DO have a fast connection 50mbps which costs a little over $100/m to use. I may asks for donations to help keep the server active.

  Help stop SOPA and PIPA
Posted by: - 01-18-2012, 11:35 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (4)

Why could you want the internet to be ███████?

Sites like ██████ are at risk of being ███████ by the US Government. And they can █████ this.

Write to congress now. http://sopastrike.com/strike

  Terraria 1.1.2 and BUNNIES!
Posted by: Memeej - 01-18-2012, 07:13 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (19)

It's mostly just bugfixes, and a few minor things added, like language chosing and the using of accents.
The changelog can be found in the bottom of this post ;)

The awesome change:
You can get a pet bunny in Terraria now!

To get a pet bunny, you either:
a: Press Windows, and click Run
b: Press Windows + R
A little program should pop up.
Type regedit and click okay or press enter.
Click HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and then Software.
Afterwards, click Terraria.
Right-Click it, and click New -> String value
A new file will pop up in the Terraria folder.
Right-Click it, and chose Rename.
Name it Bunny, and click Modify.
Change the value to 1.

Now, open Terraria and create a new character.
Have fun with your new pet bunny! :D

● Terraria has been translated to German, Italian, French, and Spanish.
● When first run, Terraria will ask which language to use. This can be changed in the options menu.
● Terraria now has support for accented letters and multiple keyboard layouts.
● Fixed a bug that would cause spawn items to sometimes not work on multiplayer games. (Hopefully)
● Fixed a bug that would allow you to create items using the crafting guide.
● Fixed several multiplayer security issues.
● Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Eater of Worlds to not spawn after three shadow orbs had been smashed.

Sithous is a community of several computer enthusiasts. We mainly focus on gaming but relate with people that just want to talk about technology. We plan big things in the future.