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(FINISHED) It's Time to Vote! - DJSulli - 05-22-2013

This is the second and final stage of the contest. Eight people applied, and two will win.

Since there will be two winners, everyone gets 2 VOTES. That way, everyone only voting for themselves won't be a problem. If you don't vote twice, your votes will be deleted.

If you applied, you can use this thread to post things that could help you get some votes. Like YouTube videos that you've done, maybe a speech, whatever you think will help your chances. All that I ask is that you don't go around begging for votes, I want a vote to be cast for someone who would be fun to watch in the Let's Play, not for someone who just asked for it. If you want to change your vote, sent me a message on Steam or PM me.

The voting period will end Friday afternoon, giving you guys about two days to vote. Good luck Wink

RE: It's Time to Vote! - MjSpecter - 05-22-2013

Now, I don't got a lot of commentary videos and I don't think the ones I have represent me at my fullest/energetic, but I think this video of my overreaction has somewhat of a snippit of what I am like with people... but I really did not pay attention to my friend xD. I record on Fraps, I would really like to be in an organized LP, since I am kinda lazy and have too much things on my mind to do it on my own (No motivation, sorta) and I think with this opportunity it would help boost my self-esteem in terms of becoming a YouTuber, since I was planning on it... but did not work out :3. I can also record my view on FRAPS and upload that, if need be.


RE: It's Time to Vote! - Altrive - 05-22-2013

Hello great members of the sithous community! I am here to make a speech of why you should vote for me! but not just me also for Northir! Big Grin You may know me as the crazy person who needs to take a chill pill but that my friend just helps me. I am enerjetic I have a great amount of energy and lets be honest, you can't have sithous with out me. My youtube channel, has 19 subscribers before I even made a video! That shows people are interested in me. Also, in only 4 videos I have achieved 294 video views! I work effortlessly on producing great content. I would upload more but recording does take my time out of my day and I may get to recording more frequently like 3-5 times a week to maybe a daily schedule. I have been planing content like having every Thursday I act as derpy as possible and have a ball! (first episode will be nitronic rush). I have only played maybe the first 5 minutes of borderlands 2 and I have been waiting to play it for a lets play! Funny enough I see that DJ has made a competition about Borderlands 2 and I found that to be easier for me because I don't have to do it alone! All my reactions will be 100% legit for I only know a few things in the game. I am funny I am close to the face of sithous and I am a great guy to hang out with. The latest video I have been in is portal 2 with my friend dagger! Big Grin (link: ) My goal is to get big on youtube and turn it into a career and I am not stopping till it happens. My audio quality I am going to try and fix because I may have found out why it is not the greatest. Also I'm going to try and get a great intro from a youtuber named GoldSolace! Maybe, also get some artwork from him! Using this sithous channel for personal needs, I can have it help draw more attention to my channel and continue my dream to TGS (The Game Station) and to be more connected to other famous youtubers!

Now for an interesting part why pick Northir? I find Northir to be a great compliment color to me. I find his attitude to be amazing and... imagine we find the big breast lady (forgot her name) and Northir yells out "Oh sweet! A hooker!" That would be amazing right? Northir always finds a way to make me laugh because of some crude but well tamed humor (unlike Avery's <3) and is great to just hang out with.

Also we are both great shots, I am pretty good with aiming pretty good at shooting and amazing at trying to make someone laugh and smile. Now this here? This might surprise some old Sithous members. OH MY GOD ALTRIVE YOUR GRAMMAR IS AMAZING. When I try, I can do some amazing grammar now thanks to you guys whipping me up into shape over grammar and spelling things write and I want to repay the community in all it has done for me through this youtube series. <3

TLDR; Vote for me I love you all <3 this comes from deep into my heart.

RE: It's Time to Vote! - ShadoHeart - 05-22-2013

Meant to vote for northir as my second vote. Also Videos! Of me, doing stuff, because im a professional, and Yeah... Please, vote for me D:

RE: It's Time to Vote! - Amp - 05-22-2013

Removed myself as my second vote and voted for HawkGirl.

I already own Borderlands 2, and I have the ability to record it. So, let others get a chance. Y'know. :T

RE: It's Time to Vote! - Northir - 05-22-2013

so what your sayin amp is you would pop in on occasion whether you win or lose

RE: It's Time to Vote! - Amp - 05-22-2013

What I was saying is that winning would benefit others WAY more than it would benefit me. So, let them get the benefits, not me.

RE: It's Time to Vote! - Northir - 05-22-2013

o what your sayin amp is you would pop in on occasion whether you win or lose

RE: It's Time to Vote! - DJSulli - 05-22-2013

I think what Northir is saying is that you'd be a backup if someone can't get online. I'm Ok with that Wink

RE: It's Time to Vote! - AlanTheDudeGuy - 05-23-2013

Ahh the voting has begun Smile