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Server Upgrade - Skylord123 - 06-06-2013

We upgraded the server to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. LTS means Long Term Support and will be supported till 2016.

I just barely completed rebooting the server. If there are any issues on any of the game/voice servers then please post under this thread and I will have issues resolves as soon as possible.


RE: Server Upgrade - AlanTheDudeGuy - 06-08-2013

May I ask, is Ubuntu the people who host the server so its 24/7?

RE: Server Upgrade - Altrive - 06-08-2013

Ubuntu is a Linux processor. Sky hosts the server box. or He rents the box. but it is his in a way

RE: Server Upgrade - AlanTheDudeGuy - 06-09-2013

Yes OK thanks Altrive understand it now Smile