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Need some advice here about Exo Buster
Hey guys, Im in the need of some advice.

So I recently got a first blade with Max melee and 4 1/2 stars ranged. The mods are :
Overall Defense +2
Shot Range +2
Burning +3
Shot Homing -3

And I like it, except for the shot homing :\

And I want other people's opinions on if I should fuse it with Exo Buster (Too lazy to describe it, read about it here : http://www.sithous.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=716

To make Stealth Claws with Max Melee and 4 Stars Ranged with these mods :
Burning +2
Overall Defense +2
Speed +3
Health -4

It took so long to perfect Exo Buster but /shrug

Tell me what you think.
blow it up
[Image: war.gif]

[Image: 76561197978204513.png]

MjSpecter - 15-11-03:53 -- I just did Wendy's cashier... hard for first time
(01-14-2013, 07:28 PM)Northir Wrote: blow it up

I second this motion

[Image: pluoad1bb8e.png]
[Image: 50dda073afa96f2a240085e5.gif]
Clark, it's notion, not motion.

Dead, off-topic thread. Meet the Amp-Hammer! But, I'll be quiet about it. ;~;
[Image: 76561198037112080.png]

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