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Is currently jailed for 999 minutes. We have obtained evidence which links him to the bombing of the Orient company, as well as links him to stealing beacons and other precious items from other users in Falconport.

His jail time will only be lifted one of two ways:
a) we find him not guilty and he is let go
b) we find him guilty and he is banned

We care about users having a good time on the server, and the fact that he allegedly caused someone to quit and harmed others is unacceptable. Please talk to me in-game if you are missing items. His housing lot is to be treated as a crime scene and is NOT to be touched until his trial. Do not enter his house. If Harkle is banned, his house will go up for sale.

Facts thus far

2 Beacons along with some metal blocks disappeared not long after the update to 1.5
2Mac's House was griefed
Harkle Had in a hidden chest, 2 Beacons in his possession
Harkle Had in the same hidden chest the exact amount in bars of the missing blocks

Claims thus far

Harkle worked to obtain the beacons himself
Having the same amount of bars as the missing blocks would require, coincidence
i will be checking logs for the entire life of the server to check for any evidence to support the claims
found no mentions of either Deyviaedra or Harkle talking about or even being in the nether
Did However find a conversation where Harkle was apologizing to another user for using TnT on their building as well as a previous ban on record

[Image: war.gif]

[Image: 76561197978204513.png]

MjSpecter - 15-11-03:53 -- I just did Wendy's cashier... hard for first time
Also worth noting:
The TNT was set off using tripwires. I found a spare tripwire in another one of his chests.
Conversations between Harkle and I are irrelevant when it comes to chat. We communicate through Skype 95% of the time. Sorry to burst your bubbles. :/
At times, the one approach the simple man takes is the only road the complex man is blind to.
Im sorry to hear that Deyviardra, but i also figured as much, but that doesnt help Harkle as there is no way to view what was said

i also checked for any logs for the occurrence nether, heres an example
"mellisia[/IPADDRESS] logged in with entity id ### at ([world_nether]"

as a general rule anyone who spends enough time in the nether fortress looking for skeletons (roughly 240 give or take) would have logged out or in at least once from DC or Death
[Image: war.gif]

[Image: 76561197978204513.png]

MjSpecter - 15-11-03:53 -- I just did Wendy's cashier... hard for first time
Stating my case:

To start, I will address the issue of the minerals and beacons found in my hidden chest:

Yes, it was hidden, and for good reason. You'll notice all of my out-in-the-open chests were on the second floor, and contained nothing valuable. That's so any potential griefers would instead target those chests with say, TnT, whereas all my valuable items are in the chest that was hidden. You'll notice inside the chest there was a large amount of diamond, gold, redstone, among several other trace items. -ALL- of it was found in my mining expeditions for Deuce's Orient Company. They requested gold, so I was retrieving gold. The redstone and diamond was collateral from said expeditions, which I figured would be needed at some point.

The beacons. They are in fact -mine- and I spent two assorted nights in the Nether looking for the wither skeletons to make the Withers to obtain the Nether Stars to make the Beacons. I cannot give an exact date, but it was sometime before Patch 1.5. Deyviaedra can attest to this fact considering she was present during the trip on one of the nights.

Secondly, the accused griefing of Deuce's house, the Orient Company Headquarters:

It makes no sense for me to grief Orient Company HQ seeing as I work of them. They compensate me for minerals I painstakingly obtain for them. If I grief them, who pays me, then? It simply does not make any sense. Stated by Xoal: "I investigated around Forim's house and found tripwires and redstone. It looks like he tunneled in from next door." This proves a point of mine to be listed below, and why would I need to tunnel from my house to Deuce's when I can walk in the front door?

Third, a few points of my own:

-There is a rebel group that has bombed Falconport and have not been banned
-Any conversation I have with another player via Whispers is private and should be considered so, and so should be withdrawn from any evidence
-How many people were with you, Xoal, when you supposedly discovered the exact number of all items missing inside my chest? I would like to see the names of some witnesses who can attest to myself in possession of the -EXACT- number of all items missing from other players. (Excuse me if I don't take you at your word, but it is not your credibility at stake here). Can you provide proof that all the items missing were infact inside that chest? I would like to see it.
-Any evidence found thus far is coincidental. Because of this, none of it can be used to convict.
-I would like to note that (Sorry Deuce) Deuce did infact use TnT to Grief another player's home (IsClark). I then did the same thing and was banned. Deuce claims he had justification and that I was at fault. So if there is justification, it's okay, right? -.-
-I would also like to note that Deuce was witness to a completely unjustified griefing the same day his occured, but because nothing major was destroyed and the person griefed bore no ill will, the rules previously established did not have to be followed.
-Anyone can make TnT, tripwires, etc. The fact that any were found in my chests is trivial and coincidental at best.
-Stated by Deuce:
"So apparently my house got griefed, and it was done by someone who knew I had a room full of chests..."

What room full of chests are we talking about? The only chests in the entire building, to my knowledge, are behind the desk next to the front door and in Deuce's office.

-Stated by Deuce:
"The problem is that the chests were all privated, and privated chests are immune to explosions, yet they were all broken exactly on the spot where the private sign was, which led me to believe it was an admin. So I checked the locks for anything with my name, since I hadn't been on. The only placed my name was said was when two users found the hole and mentioned my name saying to tell me (and good on you guys for telling me). I then checked the deadbolt settings to find that they had been edited to allow destruction of private chests with TNT. I've switched it back, but this now leads me to believe it was most definitely a superadmin, since they are the only ones with FTP access besides me."

I'm clearly not a super admin and this statement is proof that I clearly could not have griefed Deuce's home the way it was attacked.

*Note: All statements obatined word for word from another section of the forums: http://www.sithous.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1184

The superadmin statement is invalid, as that option has been enabled for quite some time now.
[Image: 76561198051960325.png]
Everyone will die one day.
I just plan on deserving it.
Also, your whispers can be used against you. If it's in the logs, it can be used as evidence of any kind. The government in real life doesn't ignore criminal phone calls because they are private, do they?
Oh, and actually David, I don't know if you knew, but when we raided Mell and MJ back before 1.5, i used TNT and the signs were able to be broken off, so in fact, maybe an admin didn't do it...Unless you changed settings after, in which case my statment proves invalid.
[Image: auolpd1bb91.png]
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- Ohhh, I do the cashier at Wendy's every sat,sun and mon.
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- It's a soft job now.
(03-25-2013, 03:49 PM)Got Noms? Wrote: The superadmin statement is invalid, as that option has been enabled for quite some time now.

No it is not invalid considering you must be promoted to such a status, which I have not been promoted too, and by promotion, you obtain all the powers of said superadmin, which apparently include being able to mess with the private settings of a sign. I have none of those powers, and therefore could not have caused the proposed damages to the chest, which would then also mean I did not cause the griefing in the first place. This point is furthered by the fact of my ignorance of a "Room of Chests".

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