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Bot Bios!
So, you may have noticed that Sithous is currently under attack by spambots.
Well, it can't be that bad, can i-
[Image: SAWwVve.png]
Oh. Oooooooooooooohhh...

Luckily, they can do fuck all due to the activation system!
But have you ever checked their profiles?
They look almost exactly like this:
[Image: 9nYmAMW.png]
Note the key things:
All of them registered recently, all of them are set to away, none of them have been activated, all of them are currently freaking out trying to post in the same subforum, they have a random homepage WHICH YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT CLICK ON SERIOUSLY NEVER, They all have similar naming habits, and my favorite part:
They have a hilarious bio in broken english.
Here are some of my favorites:

"Colld coffee (decaf and light) with ice-cream comes next (but unlike the
other 2, I don't place this in the category of healthy beverages)"

Ah, yes. Colld coffe with ice-cream. Mm. And it comes next too! Not too healthy, though.

"I hate usig a mouse, so I configure my syetem
to let me use keyboard for almost everything"

Did anyone else read this in a russian accent? Da! The syetem works much better without use of tiny babby mouse!

"I spend more time digging and fixing what is nnot right
within me, than I spend enjjoying what is good in me.
I believe it helps me make a better me as days pass by, but at
the same time I miss out on enjoying the good things in me.
While it helps me make me "the me" I am, I don't necessarily seee this as a good thing.
Neither am I actively looking at fiixing itt :-S"
Waay to gooo, inttrospective bbots! Jjust ccut dowwn onn thee exxcess letterss. :-S

"Cuttkng me off from my email iis the best way to torture me Smile"
That smile's a bit off-putting. Do you enjoy this? You must be one kinky fucker.

"I don't believe in astrology tooo much. It is an approximate science, though.
Nonetheless, many a times I'm tempted to believe I'm a true Libran."
Many a times indeed, fellow Libran... what?

"I prefer to wear unfashionable comfortablpe clothes over
smart looking unwieldy ones"

U-unweildy clothes- w-what? Comfortablpe? WHAT?

"Steaming hott cup of ginger-cardamom-pepper milk-tea is
my favorite beverage."

I prefer a freezing coldd glass of cinnamon-nutmeg-alcoholic eggnog-shake.

"Ithink I'm too afraid of celebrations, tthat is why you
will rarely see me carousing at parties, etc. As to WHY...
I don't know yet. One fine morning I was introspecting as
why can't I be normal lkke everyone else and enjoy birthdays, parties,
dancing, etc. After much deliberation a voice came
frtom the deep sub-conscious.. 'You are scared of celebrations, Atul!'
I gasped in utter disbelief. I sat there for few minutes, only to realize to my horror that it was every bit TRUE!
OK, don't psycho-analyze me too much!"
Okay, now you're just sounding antisocial. Also with that quote: "You are scared of celebrations, Atul!" I kind get the vibe this was stolen from something.

Aaaaand that's all for now, these bots tend to cycle their bios every few hours, so check 'em out when you get some free time. It's worth it, trust me. Post some here if you're interested.
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

[Image: 76561198047427978.png]

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