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So Hows Life Been?
It's been a while since any of us have actually gotten together to game as a community. So I wanted to know with how you guys are all doing? 
[Image: auolpd1bb91.png]
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- Ohhh, I do the cashier at Wendy's every sat,sun and mon.
MjSpecter - 13-12-00:54 -- It's a soft job now.
Things are... Okay. I'm getting more comfortable with going by Sedra and i'm working towards a transition. I think i'm starting to get over my depression, and i've been playing a lot of TF2. My mental health is... questionable, though. I'm starting to talk to myself out of loneliness. Lilium says hi.
If you dwell on what was, you'll be blind as to what is. But you can always learn from what was to make what is better.

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Better if we get our servers back up! I NEED TO TROLLOLOLOL MORE. But it's probably better that it's down so I can maybe go find a gf... ehhe..hgeheheeeeheh
Don't mess with ANARCHY!

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- MjSpeCter
i slept. it was pretty good. :B
[Image: 2rr5206.jpg]
School involves effort and effort is something I dont want to do.

I'm fine other than that
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"Am I the only one with out a quote?"
Sky, Northir and myself are still here.
mumble IP: server01.sithous.com
Port: 64738
If you want to game as a community again that's a good place to start.
Shouts to world peace, and the shit we yearn for.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to earn more.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to hustle.
Forgetting why we love, and all this beautiful struggle.

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