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Normal Biomes
6 18.18%
Large Biomes
4 12.12%
5 15.15%
Essential Plugins Only
4 12.12%
Vanilla-Like Server
2 6.06%
Not Vanilla
2 6.06%
Tekkit Server
5 15.15%
Not Tekkit
5 15.15%
Total 33 vote(s) 100%
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The Plan for 1.4
Minecraft 1.4 is coming with lots of new changes to the game just like 1.3 and seems to be a great point at which to have another clean start on our pure survival server.

As usual, I'll be asking the opinion of the community before doing anything major, so be sure to read this and vote above.

The usual plan between updates it to make a copy of the current world and store it away in an archive in case we want to return for nostalgia's sake. Upon archiving, we'll delete the world and generate a new one. This time, I plan not to use large biomes as the main mission of the server quickly turned into finding a way out of the snow. However, a large biomes world is still a realistic world that makes players journey far away from spawn to find what they want, so we can keep that if you want. I also want to encourage players to build separate towns far apart. In real life, towns that are considered close to one another are still miles away. It gives thriving towns a chance to grow without being surrounded.

Plugins. We always worry about these. Do we want a plugin-based server like we always have? If so, what plugin? If not, would people like a Vanilla or Tekkit server? Of course I would still provide essential plugins like Deadbolt that protect your items. Keep in mind that if we go Tekkit that we'll likely not experience 1.4 for a while, as Tekkit doesn't keep up to date with Minecraft.

Let me know what you think below and in the poll above. This poll is going to work a bit differently with all the options, so pay attention to what you click.
To clerify, the Not Vanilla and Not Tekkit options means that you oppose those options. Leaving Tekkit and Vanilla options alone signifies you don't care which was it goes.
can people post to change there answers?
Send me a private message on Steam or Skype.
ah 1.4 also known as the wonderful Halloween update
[Image: Rhino-warthog-fruity-pebbles.gif?]

"Am I the only one with out a quote?"
yay! putting heads on posts! AND FRAMES!
Actually, they named it the Pretty Scary Update.
meh im still calling it Halloween update
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"Am I the only one with out a quote?"
I see quite a lot of people want the Tekkit server over the Bukkit server...
Shouts to world peace, and the shit we yearn for.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to earn more.
Sometimes I worry that we only hurry to hustle.
Forgetting why we love, and all this beautiful struggle.
tekkit is not gonna update for a long time because they need to update all the mods involved
[Image: Rhino-warthog-fruity-pebbles.gif?]

"Am I the only one with out a quote?"

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